Dr. Watt

If you haven’t already heard the great news,  Marcadis Plastic Surgery is growing! We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Dr. Tony Watt is joining the Marcadis family as our new plastic surgeon! No worries, Dr. Marcadis isn’t going anywhere but instead, Dr. Watt is partnering with Dr. Marcadis to tag-team and give you our absolute best. Our surgeons are a dynamic duo, and we cannot wait for them to work together to grow our practice into one that will keep you happy for years! The future of Marcadis Watt Plastic Surgery is extremely bright. Dr. Tony Watt just completed his last year of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency; his fresh eyes and knowledge on new plastic surgery techniques are only adding on to the already great practice we have. You can expect the same practice you know and love plus a great, new surgeon…Dr. Tony Watt. 

We here at Marcadis Watt Plastic Surgery thank you for your love and support. As you can see, we are getting so much more than a new name. Get ready for an extra surgeon in the office, an extra smile, and an extra talented set of hands.

Originally from Wisconsin, Dr. Watt fell in love with Tampa. He began his medical education at the Medical College of Wisconsin and spent six years perfecting Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the USF Plastic Surgery Residency program! Dr. Watt has done over 2,000 plastic surgery cases and cannot wait to join the Marcadis Family to continue contributing in this industry.



2615 West Swann Avenue
Tampa, FL, 33609
United States

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